2019 Election to the IRM Board of Directors - Elected Directors

Owing to a board vacancy which has arisen since a nominations process took place in May/June of this year, IRM is still seeking nominations to the Board of Directors from amongst its members.

The Board sets and manages the strategic direction of IRM and has overall responsibility for the management of its finances. There are two ways of being appointed as an IRM Director - elected directors are elected by the members of IRM, technical directors are nominated by the Board, and appointed by the members at the Annual General Meeting. This call for nominations is for one Elected Director.
Elections are held in accordance with the election procedures agreed by the Board. A copy of these procedures is available here.

What's involved?

Board members are company directors and being on the Board requires you to sign up to the requirements of the Person Specification. The minimum time commitment includes attending up to six Board meetings a year, a strategic planning day and at least two of IRM’s one-day events.

Board directors play a leading role in the long term development of the Institute. Depending upon your skills and experience you may also be invited to join a specific Board committee. This may require additional time to attend meetings/events or to help review or prepare project documents. More details of the role and responsibility of IRM directors are set out in our Board Charter.

Directors are usually appointed for an initial term of three years after any AGM and thereafter may be re-appointed for a further three years.

What skills are required?
The Institute believes that it is essential to have a balanced and diverse Board, aligned to the different communities represented by the membership and to reflect our desire to be a truly global body. Gender balance, geographic, cultural and other forms of diversity are also key considerations.

All candidates must be able to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of and commitment to what IRM stands for - i.e. an educational and learning based membership organisation that supports practising risk professionals and risk management across the globe.
  • A willingness and capacity to work as a part of a team, at a strategic level. This may include business planning, policy development, financial planning, commercial and product development.

Applicants with specific skills, knowledge and experience which tie in with our current business strategy are particularly welcome, namely knowledge and experience in retail, supply chain and ethics:

  • Direct experience of risk management in the retail sector, including:
    • Ethical risks
    • People risk
    • Reputation risk
    • Digitisation disruption and the changing nature of retail businesses.
    • Viability of the retail business model(s) and resilience.
  • Knowledge of the issues around supply chain risk, including:
    • The modern supply chain
    • Supply chain risk, its nature and impact
    • Supply chain risk governance and organisational structure
    • Supply chain risk management approaches
    • Risk developments in supply chains
    • Evolving use of data and analytics in supply chain resilience
  • An international perspective of the risks in the retail supply chain, including:
    • Labour and labour supply risks
    • The risks associated with bribery and corruption
    • Manufacturing and process operations
    • Investment returns and cost

The person specification for Non-Executive Directors is available for review here and you can download a copy of the specific requirements of this role here.

What's in it for me?

Board membership provides unique opportunities to polish strategic and leadership skills which may not be available to you within your own organisation. Board members also benefit from personal development experiences and training organised to enhance the effectiveness of the Board.

In some cases, directors have gone on to contribute at a more strategic level in their employing organisations.

Reasonable expenses in the delivery of Board duties will be covered, but the post is un-remunerated.

How do I apply?
If you are interested in becoming a director please click the button below and complete the IRM online nomination form. To stand for election you must be a Voting Member as defined in the Articles and your nomination must be supported by two Voting Members. Please refer to election procedures if in doubt.

Close of nominations
All nominations must be received by 17:00 on Friday 20 September 2019.  

Nominations have now closed.