British Parachute Association Council Election 2020

Online Nomination Form

Please fill in the details on this form then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

There is a Save button at the bottom of the form, which will send you a link to email address provided to enable you to continue working on your form at a later date. To submit your nomination use the Save & Submit button.

Before proceeding, please read and understand BPA Form 297, Council Member role description.

Section 1 : Candidate Details

Enter just the year

Candidate Statement

Your candidate statement is in two parts: Part 1 up to 400 words on your skills with specific reference to the non-executive director responsibilities, competencies and behaviours (as set out in BPA Form 297, BPA Council Member role description); and Part 2, up to 250 words on your skydiving experience.

All parts of the candidate statement, written or video, must confine the subject to yourself as a candidate. BPA reserves the right not to publish anything in a candidate statement (written or video) that does not follow the above requirements or that may potentially be considered defamatory.

Please ensure that you have your statement carefully checked by your proposer and seconder for spelling, grammar, syntax and use of the correct names such as of BPA Committees and Subcommittees etc, should you refer to them in your statement. If any errors of this kind remain in your submitted statement they may not do you justice as a candidate.

Up to 400 words on your skills with specific reference to the non-executive director responsibilities, competencies and behaviours (as set out in BPA Form 297, BPA Council Member role description)

Up to 250 words on your skydiving experience.

Candidate Head and Shoulders Photos

Please upload a recent head and shoulders photo here. It is optional, but if provided will appear on voting information.


Please ensure the photograph is recent, and that you are not wearing sunglasses. The maximum size of photo that can be uploaded is 4MB

Candidate Video Statement


Please limit your video to 1 minute in length. You can upload an .mp4 or .wmv file with a maximum size of 50mb.

Section 2 : Proposer and Seconder

For this nomination to be valid, both the proposer and seconder must be current full BPA members. 

Please note that for a nomination to be eligible, the proposer and seconder must confirm their support by clicking on a link in the e-mail they will receive when you submit your nomination, before the close of nominations at noon on Wednesday 13 November 2019. Nominations will only be eligible once BOTH the proposer AND seconder have clicked on the links BEFORE the close of nominations - so please ensure you leave enough time for this to avoid disappointment.




I confirm that:

  • I understand that it is my personal responsibility to ensure that I am legally eligible to serve as a company director under the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 and, if elected, I remain so during my tenure on Council.
  • If elected as a Member of Council, and thereby a Director of British Parachute Association Ltd, I have read, understand and accept the duties, obligations and limitations placed on me by the BPA’s Articles of Association.
  • Data protection act 2018 - Your candidate statement and photograph and/or video will be published to voting members, together with your membership number and year of joining, city/district/region, home DZ, and business interests in the sport (if any). Candidates’ personal contact details will not be published. Voting members who may wish to contact candidates will be invited to do so by sending an e-mail to BPA HQ which will be forwarded to the candidate/s.